Ultrasonic beauty equipment UV3-2

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Oxygen Jet
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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Body Composition Analyzer by standard export wooden case 49CM*50CM*118CM
GW: 40KG; NW:32KG
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7-10 days after we received all the payment
UV3-2 BODY SHAPING MACHINE ( Manufacturer )



    UV3-2 uses non-invasive focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology, is a kind of high strength through sonic into heat transfer mechanism, the energy can function in subcutaneous fat cells, and the heat transfer can create double tissue reaction. The subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) cells were disturbed and the permeability of subcutaneous adipose tissue was enhanced. Stimulate the subcutaneous tissue layer of collagen contraction and hyperplasia, so that the role of the skin is more compact.

      UV3-2 is the electric excitation signal, through high frequency program control the shock wave into ultrasonic positioning operation through aggregation, head and mobile targeting, to achieve the target as the center, outward radiation energy, to dissolve fat cosmetic effect.
   Focused ultrasound can highly selectively dissolve only fat at specific depths without damaging nearby blood vessels, nerves, and muscle tissue. When the skin received ultrasonic energy, will produce a physical in the subcutaneous layer of thermal damage effect caused by fat cells and cell membrane breakdown, the damage caused by the direct decomposition of fat, fat metabolism after a series of dissolution.
   UV3-2 is not only can dissolve fat cells, to achieve the purpose of reducing weight, can also tighten the skin, improve the body curve, achieve the purpose of shaping.


UV3-2 Function


    Italy Keli shaping take non-invasive high-energy focused ultrasound technology, the depth of subcutaneous 1.3cm point, designated for subcutaneous treatment of fat cells, the use of heat subcutaneous fat, dissolve fat, directly reduce the amount of fat while stimulating collagen contraction and thickening , Quickly fill the gaps that appear after ablating fat.


Power parameters



Effect comparison



Matters needing attention


1, do not operate without mixture or without gel
2, the transmitter can not be unloaded, so as not to damage the transmitter parts.
Each emitter shall be provided with a uniform medium on the black conducting film.

Dual Frequency Ultrasound Cavitation Machine for Weight Loss and Body Slimming


Prohibit group:

1, there are acute inflammation, deep vein thrombosis, goiter, asthma, cancer and other patients.
2, vascular rupture, bleeding, trauma, wounds are bleeding people.
3, pregnant women or may be pregnant.
4, have done other cosmetic surgery, the body has artificial filling, metal materials area.
5, inflammation of the skin, swelling of the body.
6, immune system dysfunction, numbness, no response to heat.
7, after surgery.
8, have heart disease, pacemaker users.
9, the role of hernia.
10, focus the fat tissue below the depth, less than 2.50cm.




1, after finishing how much can lean?
Answer: the treatment is not a substitute for liposuction, Keli plastic surgery or healthy lifestyle and treatment in Italy, and is not a weight loss treatment. A single treatment in the abdomen, thighs or buttocks of Asian women troubled parts of one hour after about 8~12 weeks can achieve the desired therapeutic effect, the abdomen flatness change obviously, and the average waist circumference small one inch, is wearing a smaller skirt or trousers, natural shape becomes more slender waist. Recovery curve is exquisite.
2, will it rebound?
Answer: do not rebound. Keli plastic can permanently destroy subcutaneous fat, reduce the amount of fat does not rebound directly.
3, how much is it? How many treatments should I take?
Answer: according to the degree of obesity and requirements of customers, the course of treatment is set. Usually two months operation. 1980 yuan for one operation.
4, will it hurt?
Answer: by high strength, Keli plastic focusing type ultrasonic, heat, melting fat, no injections, no surgery, non-invasive, does not affect the normal life and work, with the rule to go.